Olympians Use Yoga for Gold

Jamie Anderson, the fresh-faced 23-year-old snowboarder credits yoga with helping her grab Olympic gold in the Women’s Slopestyle Even, Sochi Games. Russia.

1. Do you believe your yoga practice helped you win the gold?

I feel yoga has helped me with everything in my life. Especially my snowboarding; between the strength, flexibility, balance and meditation aspects of yoga, it has helped me in so many ways!

2. You did yoga the night before your gold-winning run to relax. Are there any especially calming/de-stressing poses that you love?

I just flow with whatever I’m feeling, Downward Dogs, a few vinyasas and some balancing and stretching poses. Yoga always helps me slow down, be present and be grateful for my health and well-being.

3. What are your favourite poses for targeting the abs?

Plank, and a great one for the abs is Headstand, while elevating your legs from the core, but not kicking up to headstand, slowing bringing your legs up to vertical. [Do it a] few times, it will get you!

4. What is your typical diet?

Mostly vegetarian. I try to eat a plant-based diet, but it is challenging in the winter months and traveling all the time. I just do my best every day to eat healthy, wholesome foods.

5. You said you imagined your run when you won the gold. How does visualization help?

I think visualization helps a ton! I’ve been competing for a long time, and I truly believe if you can see and believe, you are capable.


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