What causes more DNA breakdown in your body than radiation?

What causes more DNA breakdown in your body than radiation?

Subclinical deficiencies in nutrients. Scarcity of nutrients in the body, forces the body to choose which systems to allocate its limited supply to - like bone density, the cardiovascular system or blood sugar response. In the long run, imminent death is not the peril –but progression of accelerated aging -resulting in Diabetes, Cardiovascular system strain, Neurological decline and Cancer, which, when diagnosed, can march on for years.

“Subclinical micronutrient deficiency causes more DNA breakage than radiation.” Bruce Ames PhD. This is the status of most Westerners on a typically nutrient deficient diet -largely through our soils being deficient (even after consuming organic).

With the status of our soils, today it takes approximately nine cups of vegetables consumed every day to get our daily potassium requirements - a nutrient that controls proper fluid balance, nerve impulse function, muscle function, cardiac (heart muscle) function, and carbohydrate metabolism.

When you take quality prescription supplements you really do notice the difference because your body gets dense absorption. We recommend daily dose of Detox Nutrients or Extra Nutrients by Thorne - the worlds Gold Standard in Nutritional Supplements. As fundamental insurance against chronic disease. Call us at Spa Collective to find out how we can help your body restore vitality.

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