6 common toxins we use in daily rituals..

6 most common toxins we regularly use on our skin, over time often cause inflammation/rashes/skin issues and can contribute to the development of Cancer.

The skin is the largest organ and it can fully absorb the toxins applied to it and this may be even more dangerous than the carcinogens we try to avoid eating and drinking.

When you eat or drink foods and medicines that contain toxins, those toxins are often found in tiny amounts and your liver has the job of processing - sorting out the nutrients from the toxins. However the products we put on our hair, nails, face, arms, legs, feet are mostly completely unregulated by Government agencies so the majority actually do contain combinations of these nasty inexpensive chemicals. When it comes to lotions, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, antiperspirants, powders, cosmetics, people layer them on the body daily, coating large surface areas with toxins that find their direct way into the bloodstream, the digestive tract and even the lungs and cleansing organs. It's overwhelming to the brain and the natural detoxification pathways that the body wants to engage, can’t engage, because the saturation of toxins cause dysfunction.

Here are the six most popular toxins we tend to saturate their bodies with:

1. Petroleum is an industrial chemical (a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons) commonly found in Vaseline, baby oils, baby lotions, suntan lotions and sunblock lotions, and is toxic to the human body – locking in toxins, preventing perspiration, and leading to inflammation, chronic itching and cancer.

2. Talc is toxic and is commonly found in baby powders, popular body powders and foot powders - research points to Talc directly contributing to Ovarian Cancer.

3. Lead, a neurotoxin, is commonly found in lipstick.

4. Parabens are chemicals that penetrate the skin and are common in cosmetics/makeup – they mimic hormones and are endocrine disruptors that cause allergic reactions

5. Phthalates are found in moisturisers, perfumes, nail polishes, soaps and hairsprays, and can increase the risk of diabetes in women and lower sperm production in men.

6. Aluminum is commonly found in deodorants and antiperspirants, and is known to cause cancer tumors in the breasts in the quadrant closest to the armpit (not a coincidence).

Many of the 1000’s of chemicals approved by Governments for consumption have toxic effects on the body. When we unknowingly consume poisons by applying them to the body daily, we feed conditions of chronic inflammation, the immune system weakens, and we invite cancer to attack. It is the daily rituals that really are the most likely culprits to an overly toxic body.

Roundup, the most toxic herbicide on the planet, is often used all over yards and around gardens, then it gets on pets' paws and is then transferred to inside the house.

We tend to coat our skins in Summer with toxic sunblock lotions locking in poisons while blocking out the powerful health generating benefits of sunshine.

This following link takes you to the very successful EcoStore site where it shows you a list of all of the nasties you should be aware of in ingredients lists - valuable information


Look through the products in your bathroom - these are where the daily habits - from Shampooing to moisturising - are impacting your body and accumulation of chemicals.

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