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Quick Pointers :

• Fastest path to fitness is Sprinting for 8 repetitions in 20 mins 2 - 3 times only per week.

• Allowing at least 48 hour recovery is key. • No carbohydrates for 120 minutes post workout if you want to maximise production of Human Growth Hormone - which creates robust health, youth and strength in the body- after 30 years it starts to deplete - (except for athletes in training/ on rigorous schedule -needing faster recovery - a portion of carbohydrates will assist with this).

• Keep up hydration with purified water and lemon juice (lemon helps cells to hydrate). Reduce to eliminate coffee and alcohol - these dehydrate the cells and weaken strength.

• Pack dense greens into the diet - potassium, magnesium & calcium etc all essential for developing and maintaining good health

• We always recommend a daily practitioner grade multi-mineral/vitamin. We are constantly reminded by patients of the remarkable transformations these create in the body - restoring often gross deficiencies and maintaining new levels - often the starting point to restoring health.

• Practice stretching/any form of yoga - this actually strengthens muscles and asissts the body in getting back in musculoskeletal balance.

• Get regular musculoskeletal alignment checks and corrective treatments - Chiropractic Dr / or Osteopath.

• Have a regular weekly therapeutic massage - powerful process using pressure point release, restoring soft tissue imbalances, extracting stress out of the tissues is very powerful .

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