Human Growth Hormone - Fitness and Anti-Aging

Research in sports physiology confirms that as little as 12 minutes per week is enough to create your optimal all over body in tone and strength fitness - provided its done in the right way. According to leading Sports Physiologist researcher, MD, Dr Doug McDuff, using weights correctly for just 15 minutes per week creates the ideal weekly workout and is literally the only thing your body needs to reach maximum all over potential. Its hard to imagine this could be correct alongside our gym culture where daily workouts are often the norm. However the science states that this once per week schedule works extremely well because its the recovery phase that builds muscle. In other words, much of the workout time in between is not achieving much at all intact - is often detrimental to desired outcome. Observing Dr Doug’s body you could easily be convinced.

The method is to workout as slow as possible and with heavy enough weights/resistance to allow the body to perform at maximum capacity in just 5 -10 repetitions - always to point of fully exhausting the muscles after each final repetition. When the muscles are exhausted this gives the body the message that they need to build more strength and fitness for expected future load. This also has something to do with Human Growth Hormone. Basically the higher your levels of growth hormone, the healthier and stronger you're going to be.

We tend to get a significant drop in the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) over the age of approximately 30 years - research shows this is partly to do to the fact we are less active. When we look at children we see them exercising in short bursts then immediately recover. This sudden intense load followed by all important recovery, naturally produces HGH.


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