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An adaptogenic plant, Rhodiola rosea is considered by many as the most powerful of all adaptogens. Its effects are quite remarkable - little wonder why its being promoted as one of the most powerful anti-aging substances on the planet.

Adaptogens are biochemically very powerful and taken in quality form and dosage their effects are often noticed immediately. Their role is to normalise the functions of the body, providing resources to bring the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems into balance, thereby creating homeostasis (the ideal state in a human's biology.) They work by enhancing the ability of cells to manufacture and utilize fuel more efficiently - converting to energy. Have significant impact on glandular system - especially the Adrenal and Thyroid glands - in other words it helps counteract the effects of stress. Adaptogens help with endurance and uplifting mood, working as an anti-depressant.

Rhodiola has been scientifically proven to help with boosting immune function, slow aging, has neuro-protective benefits - enhancing bio-electric activity in the brain, which is why it is used for boosting memory and mental acuity. It improves blood flow, decreases harmful blood lipids, increases efficiency of calcium absorption, is a heart tonic and a sexual tonic. It has been shown to activate lipolytic processes (fat breakdown) and fat burning system, which is why it is used for weight loss.

It is important for treatment of cancer patients - encouraging anti-tumour activity (Russian research found Rhodiola in particular inhibited tumour growths in rats by 39%, decreased metastasis by 50%, and resulted in significantly increased survival rate).


protects against stress

promotes weight loss

protects heart


normalises systems in body - back to equilibrium

heals glandular system

boosts memory

enhances calcium absorption

sexual tonic

enhances brain capabilities

helps endurance athletics

reduces risk & development of cancerous tumours

A powerful daily - recommended by TMJ team to keep you in balance.

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