Hands On


Taking a more hands on approach our Physiotherapy treatments at The Muscle Joint Wanaka will work to investigate any symptoms or problems that you have - looking at the body as a whole, diagnosing and hands-on treating these symptoms in the most effective way and assisting your body to return to complete recovery. We provide effective treatments in dry needling and use deep tissue muscle release techniques to restore full function to the specific areas of concern efficiently. This may involve further examinations or referred diagnostic tests (such as X-Rays or scans) but this will be discussed at your initial assessment. Exercise prescription is an important part of treatment rehabilitation we provide.


Endurance Sports


Endurance sports is another big focus in Wanaka. We treat many of the elite athletes who say they value our deeper clinical analysis and skilled technical hands-on approach bringing top notch results. For those difficult cases we have a team of musculoskeletal professionals that work together using much in-house expertise and years of experience to fully restore function to previously undiagnosed or unresolved conditions - hence our reputation for resolving challenging cases. 

Adventure Sports KNEES


With the Winter Ski Season and Summer Mountain Biking covering a full year of intense activity  - your knees are consistently taking knocks - your knees are one of the largest and most complex joints in your body. They’re particularly vulnerable to snow sports injury as, like your ankles, they support the weight of your body. Physiotherapy is often considered the treatment of choice for knee injuries. At The Muscle Joint our Physiotherapist will not just look at treating the physical injury but also at correcting related muscle imbalances and strengthening the body to help prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Female Health


Female concerns including a range of conditions such as pregnancy related (pre and post birth) pelvic issues, problems with bladder or bowel incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain and pelvic floor weakness. Our physiotherapist will assist / advise you on the best course of action for your symptoms following a thorough assessment.



Our Wanaka Physiotherapy treatments cover commonly occurring sports injuries such as ligament strains, repetitive strain conditions and acute muscular injuries and wider medical conditions presenting with chronic symptoms. The aim is to effectively get the diagnosis right then accurate and fast recovery in the body providing thorough rehabilitation programmes, global strengthening advice/recovery programmes to get the body in even better conditioning shape than before - preventing reoccurrence.