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Our Massage Treatment menu offers a range of premium musculoskeletal treatments which will give you the very best in bodywork applications. From the more relaxing soothing treatments designed to rejuvenate and relax the body and mind to deep tissue prescription sports treatments using a more clinical approach – looking at the body in terms of structure and balance and working on the alignment of muscular structure, trigger point therapy and acupressure. What ever your musculoskeletal need , we are there to provide you with a quality experience.


Did you know that stress actually accumulates in the tissues – and one of the most effective ways to eliminate the effects of accumulated stress   (the early onset of aging and chronic disease) is a quality deep tissue acupressure massage. Powerful points in the body when activated re-energise and help to restore hormonal balance - opening message pathways, reducing cortisol etc

With stress being one of the leading factor in the cause of chronic disease, we strongly recommend regular weekly to monthly massage as part of one's health routine to powerfully keep the body in  check - preventing build up of blocked channels and prevent the acceleration of aging.



Before your appointment we will discuss with you fully your requirements to ensure you get the right treatment outcome and you can book you in for an overall body analysis to provide a prescription treatment programme to meet your needs. Always a good idea to plan your day post treatment allowing preferably some hours to continue to relax and really maximise benefits.


The powerful effects of massage on health is clear. Preventing the detrimental effects of stress on the body can be part of any busy person's life. Weekly massages are the perfect addition to ones health preserving anti-aging rituals.

Sports Massage Deep Tissue
Soothing Relaxation  
60min  /  90min  
Deeply soothing. Great for all over body relaxation allowing mind and muscles to let go of all tension. A focus on specific acupressure points responsible for triggering release of chronic stress stored in body - assisting endocrine system to restore balance. An effective way to minimise effects of stress / anti-aging with regular treatment. 


Deep Tissue Body / Sports Therapeutic  

60 min  /  90 min

Deeper treatment releasing tightness, lengthening muscle groups affecting inflexibility and all over conditioning of muscles. A good monthly maintenance treatment.


Lymphatic Drainage

60 min  

All over muscle recovery workout - not only specific to sporting needs (pre & post event) but also during periods of stress a perfect antidote. Muscles contract when stressed often caused by magnesium deficiency & stress depletes magnesium. This replenishing treatment helps to extend shortened, contracted tissue, conditioning muscles with a nourishing application of bio-available magnesium for a clinically powerfully effective treatment.  
Pregnancy Treat  
60 min
Pampering therapeutic experience - starting with indulgent hot towels on the feet, followed by a nurturing fully supported pregnancy massage focusing on those areas that tighten during pregnancy - highly recommended to any pregnant Mum who wants to feel as energised as possible during pregnancy.
Sports Massage Therapeutic Massage Deep Tissue