Equally important in musculoskeletal health is to understand biochemistry and nutrition - how the foods you are eating impact your ability to move and free you from pain and know your specific nutrient requirements in reducing symptoms of aging and manifestation future chronic pain, inflexibility and disease states.

& Advanced Allergy/Intolerance Testing  [ IGg ]

Inflammation in Gut


FOOD INTOLERANCES develop - the gut constantly irritated - infammation develops. Inflammation disables the body's natural ability to detox. Pre-disease state develops with symptoms developing into a chronic phase

Gut problems are widespread and characteristically produce one to many of a long list of symptoms such as  - bloating, gas, indigestion, loss of appetite, stomach pains, leg weakness, weight gain - inability to lose weight, irritability, depression, anxiety, fatigue, skin issues, sore joints, arthritis, hormonal issues etc. The causes vary - prolonged use of antibiotics, poor diet, high stress etc.. but research points to many cases starting from birth when mother's imbalances were passed on - and in C section births where normal birth canal triggers helping to switch on baby's immune system are not present. 



Food Intolerances - why are they important?

Food intolerances are most often almost impossible to detect without advanced testing. Unlike food allergies where response is immediate, food intolerances affect the body usually 2-3 days after ingestion. Often the symptoms are subtle but become chronic and its very difficult for the patient to determine what substances are causing their inflammation. Advanced food intolerance testing, tests for reactions from 90 different foods.

This is important because chronic irritants in the gut represent a weakened ability to absorb nutrients and to detox - this in turn will often greatly impact one's overall future health.  


Today we see increasingly larger groups of children experiencing poor health  - with symptoms such as - obvious food allergies, constant runny noses, irritability, stomach pains, leg weakness/pain, fatigue, etc..Examining food intolerances is one of the most powerful and easiest ways to check and resolve these conditions.

Allergy / IGg Testing




Advances in laboratory technology now means we can access the latest in testing facilities way beyond what is normally available. We can find out within a range of 90 different foods/categories the specific foods you are sensitive to that are causing a reactive response and deteriorating your gastro-intestinal gut lining.


Special testing kits are picked up from our clinic and taken to local surgery nurse (most medical centres provide this service), a sample of your blood is prepared and then couriered to the US labs where it is analysed and within a short time we get the results sent back. We provide you with nutritional guidelines and with protocols specifically relating to your test results. Results are most often profound with drastic changes in weight, aches and pains and arthritis gone. In our experience we find many other symptoms completely clear up without specific dieting, except the avoidance of intolerant foods.



Advanced allergy test kits are available for pick up with complete instructions (call to arrange).


Results Analysis and nutritional Results Consult                        $75

Test kits                                      $20

US LabTesting fee Apprx.       $300


If results yield positive, specific dietary guidelines will be discussed and prescription of clinical nutrients will be provided.


credit cards incur fee of 3%