"Our approach at The Muscle Joint is to.. .provide deeper, more thorough analysis for correct diagnosis

& deliver truly effective treatments.."

















Our trained therapists provide quality treatments - from deep tissue to the most soothing relaxation treatments. We deliver fantastic results and each treatment is designed to significantly release stress and tension out of the body.


The alignment of joints and soft tissue/muscular balance and status are acknowledged in our chiropractic /osteopathic combination style treatments. We provide specialist treatments in alignment of the skeletal structure and where necessary prescription combination treatments with muscular therapists to focus on total musculoskeletal health.  

Providing real hands-on recovery strategies (soft tissue work) to get faster, long term recovery. Rehabilitation / exercise protocols /

















Our unique thorough approach at The Muscle Joint, is to look at the whole body as an interrelated form and provide deeper analysis for correct diagnosis & treatment - muscular, skeletal, biochemical- we really understand the need for embracing all in our professional services and range of treatments. Our practitioners have extensive hours of training in musculoskeletal practice allowing them to understand how to correctly and thoroughly diagnose - deciphering essential medical information and referring for more testing when patient's conditions show any 'red flags'. In most cases problems are easily resolved and our clinic has a high level of success in terms of complete recovery - from both chronic conditions and acute injury.


Although not necessary in most cases - we sometimes need to refer patient to x-ray .  However as one should expect from experienced team - refined palpatory skills are the key to defining an effective musculoskeletal practitioner - most detailed information is obtained through advanced palpation - the basis of finding the diagnostic information and feedback required to deliver very specific treatments when resolving conditions.

If there are cases where change is slow, early on, we will refer to x-ray, or for further testing.


We understand our patients’ needs and are here to help.


Specific areas we treat include:


  • Foot - muscle/tendon issues, realignment, recovery from broken bones in the foot

  • Knee - strain/sprain/tears e.g. Medial Ligament, medial Cartilage, ACL Rupture, muscle strains/tears

  • Ankle - Inversion sprains/strains/tears, flat feet, plantar fascitis, Achilles Tendon injuries

  • Hip - sciatica, Bursitis, muscle strain/tears, general aches and pains

  • Shoulder - sprains/strains/tears e.g. Frozen Shoulder, trauma to shoulder eg AC Joint Tear/sprain, dislocation, rounded shoulders

  • Elbow  - Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow

  • Wrist - Carpal Tunnel, RSI, strains, sprains

  • Arms - chronic pain, tightness

  • Back - chronic pain, injury, posture issues

  • Neck - pain, tightness, inflexibility, cramping

  • Head - headaches, tension, lock jaw, misaligned jaw, 

  • general pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis,

  • Rehabilitation after surgery on all areas







Musculoskeletal Physician Services we provide also include:


  • Spinal manipulation / adjustments to peripheral joints e.g. (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle)

  • Class 4 Orthopaedic Laser - the most advanced orthopaedic laser for rapid treatment recovery.

  • Manipulation/adjustments, Soft Tissue work incorporating Active Muscular Release

  • Exercise programmes